Sunday, September 18, 2011

To Ms. Imler

Abbie has such a sweet heart and I just had to post about her latest cute thing she drew. She made this pencil drawing then spent HOURS  coloring it for her first grade teacher. 
It states:
To Ms Imler:
I luv yuo
to me.
Luv: Abbie

Translation: I love you because you are sweet to me. Love Abbie

Abbie gave it to her teacher the next day and she said her teacher loved it!
Abbie, you are such a sweet, amazing girl. We are so glad you are apart of our family. You bring such joy and love to our family. Love you baby girl! (although she keeps telling me she's not a baby....that's Brooklyn! I just keep tellg her she will always be my baby girl!)
Love you Abbie
Cassy Final

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