Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kaden's Gingerbread House

Kaden is in Kindergarten this year and this is his gingerbread house that he made at school. He talked about that they were going to be making gingerbread houses for weeks before he ever made it. His class was really excited to make their gingerbread houses. 
Kaden's gingerbreadhouse had tons of candy decorating it. He was really excited about it turned out! He loves candy and it turned out SO colorful! 
Kaden was sad that he couldn't keep his gingerbread house forever so I told him we could take a picture of it and it can last forever in our memories.  I love how excited he was about his gingerbread house. He is loving Kindergarten! Great job Kaden, it is a beautiful and coloful gingerbread house!
Cassy Final

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