Monday, January 30, 2012

Jr. Jazz (Abbie and Isaac)

Abbie and Isaac are loving playing basketball. They are learning a lot of skills and having a great time. This picture is of Abbie shooting the basketball. You can only see a tiny bit of her behind number twenty-four but, that is only because she is one of the smallest members of her basketball team. This doesn't phase her and she gets in there with all of the kids(mostly boys, only one other girl was there this game). 
I only had my camera phone with me and so the pics aren't great but, I definetely wanted to remember the kids having fun playing basketball. 
Abbie throwing the ball in from out of bounds. 
Isaac throwing the ball in bounds. 
Isaac is LOVING basketball. He is learning a lot this year. He loves the treat at the end the most...he thinks it's great that mom's bring treats (we all have a scheduled game to bring treats). 
Isaac got the rebound after this play. I took the picture too soon but, with a camera phone...I was just happy I got a few photos(it's really hard to get action shots with a camera phone). Hopefully, I will remember sometime this season to bring my REAL camera.
Cassy Final

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