Thursday, February 2, 2012

Swimming In An Indoor Ocean

We went swimming at Layton Surf 'n Swim where it has a wave pool year round. In the winter months, they put a huge bubble over the wave pool. The lap pool (which is outside of the bubble) is where the kids took swimming lessons. They received free passes to use to get in after their swimming lessons were complete.
WAHOO!! The kids were excited. We've been waiting for the bubble to go on (they don't put it on until at least November) so we've been waiting because with a baby, there was no way we were going swimming until the bubble went on the pool and it was warm inside. It's taken us a month to finally get over to the wave pool for the kids to swim. 
Brooklyn LOVES the water. She is constantly kicking her legs and smiling. It as really warm in the bubble so it was hard to keep the steam off my camera lens to get a good picture but, we wanted to remember this because it was SO much fun. 
We will have to go again, it's only $3 per person to get in. So, super cheap to go and have fun. We rented a couple tubes ($3 a piece) so the kids could go in the deep end where the waves are SUPER fun! 
Kaden LOVED the waves. This was the first time we've gone swimming without everyone in life jackets. That's one for the books! Not so much gear to haul with us. 
Every half hour the waves would go off and the whole pool turns into an indoor ocean. 
Brooklyn loved the waves. She spent most of the time with Mom and enjoyed kicking her feet and Dad went in the deep end with the kids in the waves but, I gave Brooklyn to dad so I could get out of the pool and snap a few photos. She is a water baby!! 
The kids had a blast! It's a great way to spend family time together. So, if anyone wants to go, the kids would love to go again! It's very reasonable and they slept great that night! Win Win!!
It was SO much fun! The kids loved showing off their swimming skills!
Cassy Final

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  1. Cassy,
    You don't know me, but I live in NE Layton and am a Wolf Leader. I was looking up Blue & Gold ideas for our "Knights of the Round Table" coming up and your link was there. What great ideas! I was wondering where you got your "stocks" or if they'd be available to borrow.
    My name is Donna Jaco, email is and my phone is 801-644-6102


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