Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jacob's 2nd Birthday

Today is Jacob's Birthday. He would have been two years old today. We went and put some flowers on Jacob's grave. 
When we pulled up, there was a grave with red tulips. I noticed them from the car and thought, "I love tulips and those are so pretty against the white, grey." We get out and start looking for his headstone (we knew the area but, as we walked to ward where Jacob is resting, we realized the red tulips were from his grandparents. 
So sweet. Jacob's grandparents had been here earlier in the day. We came as soon as the kids were out of school. The kids had had a snack before we left the house but, something about the kids was so fun today. They were all excited to go and as soon as I picked them up from school, they were asking when we were leaving to go see Jacob. 
You can see the kids mood in these pictures. They were all joking and playing with one another. I thought it would be a really somber thing going to the cemetery but, everything was fun to the kids. Finding his headstone, cleaning it off...everything was fun to the kids. 
The kids were joking so much that (as you'll see in the next picture) some couldn't stay upright. 

The older kids were so excited to show Brooklyn everything about the cemetery. Where he was located, his small footprints on the headstone and where Grandpa Millett is buried. Who knew, it could be so much fun showing Brooklyn all these things for the first time(last time she was really little). 
Squish hugs 
The kids were fun at the cemetery which, helped lighten the mood from the day. Reed was home today and we spent the day with each other. We spent a lot of time talking. It was nice being able to discuss where we've been, how we dealt with everything and where we are going. It was nice having hours to talk while getting a few things done to prepare for the months ahead. It has been a long time since we've had uninterrupted time. With the kids in school and Brooklyn having a morning and afternoon nap, we had a lot of time together. It was really nice. 
Before we could leave the cemetery we went over to my grandfather's grave. He is Jacob's great grandfather(my grandpa that Jacob is named after). 
Isaac wanted to hold Brooklyn when we were walking back to see Jacob's grave one more time before we went home and this is what I see. 
Abbie and Kaden talking together about Jacob. The kids do talk about him a lot, that he is in heaven and so forth but, this was REALLY special. 
Our precious son. We can't believe it's been two years. It feels like yesterday yet, at times, it feels like forever since we've held you.  
The kids saying Goodbye to Jacob's grave.
This is the view towards the mountains (one of the reasons we picked this plot) and it was perfect..a little snow in the mountains but, then as we were leaving we had this view to the west. 
The sun peaking through the clouds and giving us a ray of warm sunlight. Perfect!
Cassy Final


  1. Happy Birthday Jacob! I was thinking about you today. Your parents have come such a long way in the last two years since you joined their family. It's nice to know they have a special angel in heaven looking over them. We love you and will never forget you!
    Love, Aunt Jennie

  2. Was thinking of you this day!! Glad you had such a good day with the family. You have a special angel always looking over your family and he gives you alot of reason to be the best family you can be!
    Love you all,


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