Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kaden Turns 6

The entrance to LegoLand. It was up an elevator to learn how they make Lego's in the factory.

Kaden turned six and we wanted to do something fun for his birthday. I had to work so I picked up the kids that afternoon from the sitter and then the kids and I met Reed at KUMed so we could head over to crown center to go to LegoLand. We figured since we wouldn't be having a friend party (being new to the area and all) so we celebrated as a family.The kids are the perfect age for Legoland. I went online to buy tickets but the pre-sold tickets were sold out. We decided to risk it and went and bought tickets at the door. It ended up being not very busy (because there were a few kids in wheelchairs) and we were able to ride the rides lots because there just weren't lines. It was really fun spending time with the kids at Lego Land and they have asked to go again...A LOT!! It was a huge success and a birthday to remember!

In the factory learning how they make Lego's. 
Then it was onto the rides. 

One whole section is for building race cars and racing them. There were cool soft play areas outside each area for small children. It was like a pool filled with Lego's and Brooklyn loved it! 

Abbie and Kaden building race cars. 
Kaden's race car. 
Everyone improving their cars to race again.

Brooklyn liked climbing the stairs to the car racing platform. 
Racing their cars. 
In part of Legoland their is a museum area of building built to replicate the buildings and landmarks in the area.

The ticket booth to the 4-D movie. This was the kids favorite part! It was in 3-D but also had huge wind fans for effects, water for spitting dragons and snow in the theatre. We all loved the movie! It was awesome!! It really looked like it was snowing in the theatre (I think it was done with bubbles) I don't know for sure but whatever they did....it was awesome!

Kaden with a Lego statue. 

The kids enjoying the wizard of oz part of the museum. 
Yellow brick road

The aquarium and LegoLand Building 
The raceway with firework lights. 

The details were amazing! 
More building race cars. 
Brooklyn on a lego statue. 
Kaden on the motorcycle lego statue. 
 We went home and ate dinner, opened presents. He got a slip'n' slide from thanks grandma and grandpa Tenney. He got some spending money from Grandma and Grandpa Millett (he is thinking hard about what he will spend his money on) and the only other thing he asked for....BLUE BOXING GLOVES!! He got a fun blue punching air bag to play with and it's been a huge hit in the playroom.
Some fun facts about Kaden at this age: He loves Lego's. His favorite color is green. He would rather have a yummy casserole over a dessert, anyday. He likes to swing on the swingset and to play Mario Kart on the Wii. We loved going to Legoland for your birthday and are so excited that you are six! You are such a lovable, smart little boy and we love you! Happy Sixth Birthday Kaden!
Cassy Final


  1. Happy Birthday Kaden! We love you! :) Sounds like you had fun!

  2. Happy Birthday Kaden! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Is Lego Land right there by you? Pretty cool!

  3. What a fun day! :) I am your newest blog follower! :) Erin


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