Friday, June 29, 2012

Climbing Monkey

This spring, I did take a couple fun pictures of the kids but, this was when we were finishing the basement and they were almost forgotten until I was looking back through a few pictures. The kids loved playing on the mattress we had downstairs for a trampoline. When clearing out the basement, the mattress was brought to the garage and leaned against the wall. The kids wanted to play on it outside before we took it away. So, we hauled the mattress to the backyard each day so the kids could play on it and then we leaned it back in the garage each night for the sprinklers. They got quite a few days of playing before the load to the dump was ready. The kids made up all sorts of games and loved playing on it. They thought it was so funny to try and sit in their chairs on the soft surface.....oh to be a kid again when simple fun is the best!
The other thing the kids figured out was how to climb!!! The first time Abbie tried....she got a few feet off the ground but, look at her now. She can climb the entire basketball banker. She's got skills! She is quite the climbing monkey!

Cassy Final

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