Monday, June 25, 2012

Swimming at Tomahawk

This summer has been crazy so far, yet we seem to always find ourselves at the pool. We have a family pool pass that our HomeOwners gave us because the house wasn't perfectly ready when we showed up. The tenants before didn't leave in time and therefore they weren't able to get everything done before we moved in. So, we've been having little things done here and there. But, the pool pass has really come in handy. The first time we went to Tomahawk Pool, we checked out the kiddie area that had a elephant slide, small pool and a huge sand box. We actually never made it out of this area to the pool with slides because the kids were having so much fun. 
Boys at Tomahawk.
They love the HUGE sandbox. You can fill buckets with water for your castle's mote and everything! It's every kids dream to make a huge mud mess and it's okay and go wash off in the fountains. Pretty cool! 
Brooklyn LOVES the sandbox. She must really love the feel of the sand because she is always picking it up and letting it sift through her hands. I love that there are nice huge umbrellas so the mom's and babies don't get too much sun. 
Bring on the water! The kids absolutely love making creations that contain some kind of "mote" or "lake". This lake was made for a mud bath for Brooklyn. She was hesitant at first of trying out the kids creation but, once she got the feel of the water on her toes, she was into it.

This summer we have been able to go to the pool a lot. Tomahawk stays open until 8 pm so I can even take the kids after work for just a little while.  This has been a life saver since we aren't use to the humidity with the heat. The kids love the curly slide and the long straight slide because they can all race together. The kids are loving going swimming so much.
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