Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well, we finally have internet. We have been using our phones to power our internet but, it was limited so we only used it to power the computer when Reed needed it for school. So, I haven't been able to blog since we came to Kansas (not that I've had time!!! I am still living between boxes. Reed is always gone and I have four kids to manage while trying to get unboxed...quite the task!)

I finally got some pictures off my phone from our adventure to Kansas so I am going to post those and hopefully I can get updated on what we've been doing while here! Everyone wants to see the house and I will try to get some soon.
My view while driving to Kansas. I was following Reed or it was the other way around and he was following me....depending on whose vehicle needed to be followed. LOL (if you don't know what I am talking about, read the previous post about our adventure. 
The Auto Zone in Cheyenne that just happened to have the part that we needed and able to diagnose it and fix the part within five minutes. 
Kids holding our new tires for the trailer that we bought at Sportsmans in Sydney, Nebraska. While we were there (all ten minutes which included the potty break) we saw all the animals on display and they even have an elephant. Seriously...a real HUGE elephant. 

It was HUGE!! The kids loved seeing how big it was! 
This is the picture of Brooklyn after I found out that the kids had been feeding her licorice the last half an hour to keep her quiet and content. I had asked them to help entertain her for a half hour until we got to our next stop. I was pretty surprised to find that she had licorice EVERYWHERE. Seriously, we were picking it out of her eyebrows the next day. LOL

We are so mean, no really we aren't....we just took her binki out so we could get a picture of the entire licorice scene. She was definetely ready to get out of her carseat. On a brighter note, she didn't get one tiny bit on her outfit. Just her legs, arms, mouth, eyebrow....everywhere except on her clothes. Phew...
Well, I will try to stay caught up since we now have internet. Toodles! Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday!

Cassy Final

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  1. Cassy, I have thought of you often over the past few weeks. I have wondered how you are settling into the midwest and Kansas. Hope all is well. Love Ya, Dana...


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