Sunday, May 27, 2012

We Made It to Kansas!!

So, we made it!! We are here in the house and trying to get settled (well, we will once our truck gets here on tuesday). Our adventure to Kansas really was an adventure. We feel very blessed to be here safe and sound and know that on our crazy road trip we were watched over and protected. SO....this is our adventure.
We originally wanted to leave by noon on Wednesday but, we ended up getting away at 9 p.m. Just a few short hours later than our goal (ha ha). We drove to a little town just before Rock Springs Wyoming and stayed for the night (Reed and I were exhausted). We had promised the kids we would get to swim but, it was super cold the next morning and come to find out, the pool was outside. Not swimming THAT day, so we loaded up and started driving. We ate lunch in Laramie, WY and continued on driving. We had radio's between the two cars which was nice but, that meant that Reed and myself had to drive the entire way to Kansas, so it was quite gruelling. I was driving in front of Reed and I had just passed an exit (the only one for miles) and he gets on the radio telling me his car has died. He was able to coast off the exit and down the ramp. I was able to get stopped (with the trailer) just where the on ramp was coming back on the freeway. I didn't know what to do because there wasn't anywhere to turn around to go get him for miles. We were discussing a few options and luckily his car started again. We were able to drive (me following him now) to cheyenne. The whole way to cheyenne we were on our phones finding the nearest  Auto Zone) We found one and pulled in and they diagnosed it as a "cam shaft position sensor" (whatever that is). We were able to get the part and install it within five minutes. We were back on the road and it seemed to have fixed whatever the problem was. We were able to continue on and we were almost to sydney, nebraska when a tire on the trailer blew out. I felt and heard a big "pop" and I looked in my mirror to see the tire shredding off and flying off the road. I was able to stop (riding on the rim) and came to rest on the metal arm that is used to stand the trailer up when it is folded for storing. We were very blessed that we had a spare. So, we put it on and could go only the minimum 40 mph because the spare had a "bubble" on it and wouldn't last at high speeds. We called every "tire" store we could find on our phones and they were all closed. We had resigned ourselves to stopping in the next town for the night until a tire store opened in the morning. Little did we know that the next town was Sydney, Nebraska, the town with the original Cabela's. We pulled in with a half an hour until closing. This is important because they have a "trailer" section and had, on their tiny tire section,  two tires with our 4-lug pattern. (Insert Angels singing here!!) So, we bought two new "high speed" tires and installed them in the parking lot. We were able to get back on the road. We had hoped to get to Lincoln, Nebraska that night but, ended up in North Platte, Nebraska at a Holiday Inn. This hotel had a pool and at 11:30 p.m. we were swimming in their pool (all to ourselves). We swam until midnight (Reed and I were very tired by this point) and we went to bed. Due to the drive, the late nights and just being really tired, we didn't get on the road again until 11 a.m.
So, we arrived in Overland Park (without any more stops)....oh wait, I forgot about the paper shredder. Let me tell you about this last little hiccup. For Reed, it was quite the incident. So, we were driving along in Nebraska in a one-lane construction zone and I was in front of Reed driving. All I hear over the radio is something about the paper shredder. Reed says that he's driving along and notices something coming out of the back of the trailer, before he could fumble and get the radio the top comes off and hits the edge of the freedway and shatters into many pieces and flies off the road. Then came the bottom and the same happened to it. By the time we could stop, we were over a mile from where it happened. We stopped and secured our load. One of the bungi straps had broken. So, if you were one of the unlucky drivers behind us, I am sure it was scary for a moment before it bounced off the road. I was thankful it didn't hit Reed's car or anyone elses. The funny part is that we had just been talking about the liter sign that said "$750 litering penalty" Well, we wouldn't have litered if we could have gotten back to where it was but, it was an orange coned one lane freeway road for tons of miles with no way to even turn around. So, sorry Nebraska highway, we didn't mean to liter.
Other than our few "incidences", we have made it here safe. We feel very blessed and felt Heavenly Father's hand in our safety. We were blessed that if things did go wrong, there were ways for us to fix them and keep going. We are very thankful for our safe arrival.
We were supposed to have our trucks here on friday but, one came on saturday (the smaller truck packed with the odds and ends. So, we have bikes, one mattress, a few kitchen items but, nothing else) The other truck (the main one packed with everything else) will arrive on tuesday and the elder's quorum in our new ward will help us unload it.
So, I know everyone was interested in how we are doing and if we made it okay. We are all safe and well and adjusting to the humidity. It is very different from the "dry" heat in Utah. We have felt very welcomed here and pray that we can continue to make as a good of friends as we have in Utah. We love you all and hope all is well.
Cassy Final

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  1. So glad you are there safe and sound. We will go get the fooseball table this coming Wednesday. We have to go up for a viewing in Brigham City that evening. I hope that we can get it in the Pilot and don't need to take the truck, but Larry seems to think we won't get it into the Pilot.
    Love ya,


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