Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Abigail Georgia Turns Seven

Abbie turned seven years old on April 15th. She was so excited for this birthday because she got to share it with her new little sister!  
Abbie was very helpful getting everything ready for the party. She loves to create and decorate like her mom. 
Abbie just loves her little sister! They share a very special bond! 
Abbie loved the food for the party! She is such a little foodie!

Abbie opening her gifts! 
The family gave Abbie a rain coat...green polka dot (her favorite color is still green!) 
Her cousin Aliya sent these Minnie Mouse ear muffs...which Abbie loved! Abbie also got glow in the dark bubbles, bracelet kit and a barbie, pez dispenser and more. Thanks everyone for the gifts, they were very thoughtful!
The rest of the party, Abbie wanted to wear her rain coat! She loves it and has been excited when it's raining when she leaves to school because she gets to wear her cool raincoat! 
Abbie loved sharing her birthday with Brooklyn! She was so intent on making sure Brooklyn had a wonderful day too! Such a good big sister! 
These two have such a special bond! It's wonderful to see them together! 
Abbie blowing out her seven candles! 
Looking so grown-up at seven. I keep telling her to stop growing up but, she just says, "Mom, I have to...besides, you let Isaac get older!" I guess she has us there, just stay my little girl as long as you can.

Abbie loved the food. She is such a foodie! She was excited for all the wonderful, yummy choices!

Abbie with her cake and seven candles! 
The great room, all decorated for her big day! 
After the party, she got in her pajamas and read the book "sisters" they they recieved for their birthday! They love that book! 
Abbie, you are such a ray of sunshine in our lives! You are the best helper, creative, wonderful, funny, happy and beautiful, inside and out! We love you to pieces....
Abbie always tell me, " Mom, I know why you love me...
Me (mom)..."why's that!"
Abbie..."because I'm me!"
That is so true Abbie!! We love you because you are you...and you are perfect, just the way you are!
Happy Seventh Birthday Abbie! Love you!

Cassy Final

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