Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brooklyn Avery Turns 1

 Brooklyn turned One Year Old on April 15th. She is the joy of our lives and we love her SO much! She was able to taste her own birthday cake and once she put her hands in it...well, she decided to skip the hands part and go straight with eating the cake with her mouth. It was SO cute! 

Loving eating her cake! We didn't let her eat that WHOLE cake because we didn't want her to get sick but, she did love destroying most of the cake! 
Abbie loved watching Brooklyn eat her birthday cake! 
What a fun mess! 
The girls together on their shared birthday! 

Brooklyn wanted to eat her cake before she ever blew out the candle. Mom had to help her blow out her one candle. 
Brooklyn opened her presents. She received an outfit from her family. 
All of the kids wanted to help her open her presents. 
Brooklyn's favorite present was a hot pink wing back chair. She kept climbing in it and jumping in the seat. That night, Abbie read her their "sister's" book they recieved for their birthday. 
All of the party decor was aqua and yellow! The theme was "April Showers bring...Birthday Sisters!" 
Birthday cakes set on a yellow vintage suitcase! 
Everything yellow and aqua! Even the strawberries were covered in yellow and aqua chocolate! 
Brooklyn wearing her Tinkerbell jammies she got from Aunt Jennie and family, sitting in her pink chair ready for bed! Brooklyn loved her birthday! Thanks everyone for making it a special first birthday!

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