Sunday, August 12, 2012

Conference Center for Stake Conference (back in May)

Right before we moved...literally two days before we moved, we had Stake Conference and our stake was lucky enough to get to go down to Salt Lake City, Utah and go to the conference center, with 21,000 other people for church. With hardly any furniture and clothing in our house we drove down and made it...barely. It was awesome and worth the effort. The kids had never seen the conference center before and we definitely wanted to see it before we moved. So, we loaded up the car and drove down. 
The kids wanted pictures of themselves at the conference center, so here is Isaac (taken on my phone, and not in the best lighting). 
Abbie at the conference center.

Kaden at the conference center.

The kids liked the waterfall that flows off of the front of the conference center and goes down each story of the building. It is really neat to see.
Reed and Brooklyn at the conference center. (don't know why I can't get my picture to flip :(

Each set of stairs gets you closer to the bottom but, you also get to see another part of the waterfall.

It was a beautifully bright Sunday! Perfect for our last sunday in Utah for a while!

The view from the conference center. Pretty spectacular!

The view out to the west. Beautiful mountains in the background.

More waterfall pictures.

We finally made it down all those stairs and the kids got to enjoy the bottom of the waterfall. We are so glad we were able to spend our last Sunday in Utah doing something special.

Cassy Final

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