Sunday, August 26, 2012

Millett Family Reunion 2012

The Millett Reunion was held at Uncle Larry and Aunt Patsy's Cabin on the Mirror Lake Highway. We love going to the cabin and creating memories together as a family. With my training ending and the first schedule coming out, I had a few days between and decided to drive back to Utah to go to my family reunion. Reed wasn't able to drive with me but, had to catch a flight out the next night and I had to meet his parents in Ogden to pick him up. I was really glad that he was able to meet up with us and that I had a second driver going back. 
This was the group shot from Elizabeth Ridge that we took the third day of the reunion. A few had already gone home but, quite a lot of the group stayed over until Sunday and went to church up the highway about 15 minutes. 
Abbie and Jordan are always pulling silly faces for me when they are together. This year was no exception!! Here is their silly photos together. 

We try to take family snap shots each year. We waited too long this year and nobody wanted to take pictures after camping for three days but, a few brave had their picture taken. This is Ashley, Mari, Kai, Logan and Courtney. 
Nichole and Justin 
Garrett and Kaitlyn (first year as a married couple) 
Our Family 
Justin Adrienne Leah and Keyan

Isaac and Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry let Isaac drive his 4-wheeler this year. Isaac LOVED that!! When we went on our drive to Elizabeth ridge. Uncle Larry had to get off and unlock the gate. Isaac drove the quad through on his own, only problem...he almost didn't stop and almost rear ended my sister's quad. I think everyone was a little nervous about him stopping. LOL 
Justin Nichole Zaralyn Brylee Silas 
Larry Patsy Sadie and Brandi 
John and Allisha's Kids: Ian, Morgan, Zander, Micah, Eli and Lindey 
 Dad and Mom  TREES being silly 
Dad and Mom

After their tree hiding, I caught Mom in a good mood and she started posing for my camera. I love her "vogue" pose. Love you kids love looking at these photos and they LOVE you!! 
Here is all five babies! They will probably forever be having their picture taken together. It is pretty rare that five sisters are pregnant at the same time. Brooklyn is the oldest then Lindey, and the younger three are Harley, Keyan with Silas being the last one born of the five. 

Our expedition at Elizabeth Ridge. It was a spectacular view!

Kaden and Abbie posing. You can see Aunt Adrienne video taping the expedition. She posted the video and it's really fun to watch.

The best thing about the 6 seaters is that we could strap in car seats. Amazing!! It made for easy traveling with so many little ones! It made the trip so enjoyable! Plus, if they fell asleep (which most did) they were able to be tucked warmely in their seat. 
Uncle Larry and Reed scouting the area (of course!) 

Reed at Elizabeth Ridge plus a little dust. One funny story about Abbie. She was riding on a 4-wheeler with Grandpa Millett and we noticed that she was looking around him one way and then the other way. We watched this for a few minutes and then she leaned REALLY far to the left and (as a Mom) I made Reed step on the gas and go save her. She was actually falling asleep and wobbling from side to side. She climbed in the 6 seater with me and I ended up taking off my coat to wrap around her to keep her warm and sleeping. It was a really fun and adventurous trip. 
Cassy Final

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