Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We've Got Sand!

Our sandbox under the playset is filled with sand and the kids are thrilled! It would have been too hot this summer to go play in the sand but this cooler weather is wonderful and the kids are loving playing outside! 
Brooklyn loved the sandbox before there was sand in it and would dig in the dirt with her couple of sand toys. She loves putting objects into other things (quite the phase!) and putting sand in a bucket is TONS of fun for her! 
She spends over an hour everytime she goes to the sandbox. She loves the sand. We found this summertime toy set on the clearance aisle at WalMart (probably last one til next year) and picked it up for cheap. Perfect addition to our new sandbox!
Brooklyn loves playing in the sand! 
Whenever we would play in the sandbox at Tomahawk (the local swimming pool with sandbox). Kaden and Abbie would use sifters to find "pearl's" (as they called it which are the little tiny rocks in the sand) and would use their pearls to play with. They love to sift the sand. 
And now our ENTIRE sandbox has been sifted and any little "pearl" has been squirreled away in one of their buckets. Soft sand became super fine sand....alright by me! 
The kids love the sandbox and we are loving having them outdoors more now that the apparently "atypically super hot" summer is behind us. 
Happy Sandboxing Playing Kids!
Cassy Final

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