Sunday, October 14, 2012

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

We finally made it to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. We have heard a lot about it and how cool it was but, hadn't been able to go. The cool part is if you go Monday through Thursday, it's free. You only have to pay on Weekends. So, the kids got home from school one day and we went right over to the Farmstead before they closed at 5 p.m.

We set off with maps in hand and the first thing we came to was GEORGIA'S HEN HOUSE! Abbie was SO excited since she is named after Grandma Georgia (she used to call her grandma Georgeous when she was little, too cute!). Abbie wanted her picture taken with the Hen House. 

The next part we visited was the old one-room school house. They have a lady dressed-up as a "period" school teacher that would have taught back in those days. The kids couldn't believe that all the kids from all the grades were in the same room. 

Abbie and Kaden tried out the "big" kid desk area. 
Isaac got to try out the old Dunce corner. He thought it was pretty funny that they had to wear that hat. 

The school teacher even rang the bell when we left so we could get the full school experience that school was over! 
Then we went and learned about mining. We got a bag of sand with precious rocks and minerals in it. We got to learn how people use water to mine with. 
The kids used a screen to sift through their sand to reveal their minerals and rocks. 
Brooklyn just played in the water! 
Each of the kids got a turn to mine for minerals and rocks. 

The milking barn was next where we watched a cow be milked. 
They had a few baby cows in the barn and Reed said these were the "Cleanest cows I've ever seen!" They looked like they were ready to be at the fair because they were some well groomed cows. 
Then we went to the Indian Area. We got to go in a thatched indian home and a tee-pee. 

The last activity of the day is the running of the Goats. They get to run down this little trail before they run to their home where they stay for the night. We anxiously awaited the running of the Goats. The goats were so excited at the starting gate that they looked like billy goats climbing on top of each other. 
The goats were SO fast! It all happened in no more than a few seconds! It was fun to watch though! 
As we rounded the last part of the Farmstead, we took a quarter and fed the ducks although the fish would come up and steal the food from the ducks. It was pretty fun to watch who was going to get the piece of food.
We all had a great time at Deanna Rose! Can't wait to go back again!

Cassy Final

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