Saturday, December 29, 2012

Getting a Christmas Tree in Kansas

We finally found a Christmas Tree farm that was going to be the closest thing to how it was in Utah. No, tree permit and walking in the snow to find the perfect tree but, this was pretty good!

We got our saw and were off to find the perfect tree!

Brooklyn loved this activity. It was warm enough that we mostly wore hoodies and jackets.

The kids played hide-n-seek in the trees.

We got all the way to the end where they were getting ready to plant more trees and hadn't found the perfect one. Apparently they only grow scotch pines here in Kansas and Mom wasn't thrilled about this type of tree. She was too used to her lodge pole pines. Luckily, they had shipped some different trees in and had them in the barn.

So, we walked back to the barn and picked out our tree!

The tree farmers were SO nice and the kids got coloring books and hot chocolate.

Brooklyn hardly stands still long enough to get her picture taken, let alone looking at the camera.

The hot chocolate was yummy!

The kids walked the balance beam as the farm hands tied the tree on top of the Tahoe.

We had a great time getting our Christmas Tree.
Cassy Final

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