Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was our first Thanksgiving as just our little family. We wanted to make it special so we planned a FHE where we would decorate a special paper that would have our top 5 things we were thankful for.

We spent Monday night(FHE) decorating our cards. Then we spent all week thinking of our top 5 things we are thankful for and wrote them down. We wanted a lot of thought put into the things we were thankful for.

The kids helped me set the table as soon as I got home from work. Reed had put the turkey into bake and peeled the potatoes. I had done all the prep work the night before but, something can only be done the day of Thanksgiving.

We used iron stone and silver, silverware with german cloths as place settings and napkins.

We got everything set and i wanted to snap a few pictures. I snapped a few and then Reed asked if we could just eat...he was starving smelling it all day!

Reed carved the turkey and Kaden asked the funniest thing....if he could have a whole turkey leg. Reed and I looked at each other and decided that, "why not, it's just us to eat this bird!"

So, Kaden got his wish and ate an entire turkey leg (which he really ate the entire thing)

Happy little man! Yum

The last thing we did as a family was to clean the kitchen up together. We even washed the remaining dishes by hand. Kaden made the comment, "We should wash dishes together more often!" I didn't realize that I usually do it alone and you are right Kaden, We should wash dishes together more often! It was really fun!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Cassy Final

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