Monday, January 30, 2012

Jr. Jazz (Abbie and Isaac)

Abbie and Isaac are loving playing basketball. They are learning a lot of skills and having a great time. This picture is of Abbie shooting the basketball. You can only see a tiny bit of her behind number twenty-four but, that is only because she is one of the smallest members of her basketball team. This doesn't phase her and she gets in there with all of the kids(mostly boys, only one other girl was there this game). 
I only had my camera phone with me and so the pics aren't great but, I definetely wanted to remember the kids having fun playing basketball. 
Abbie throwing the ball in from out of bounds. 
Isaac throwing the ball in bounds. 
Isaac is LOVING basketball. He is learning a lot this year. He loves the treat at the end the most...he thinks it's great that mom's bring treats (we all have a scheduled game to bring treats). 
Isaac got the rebound after this play. I took the picture too soon but, with a camera phone...I was just happy I got a few photos(it's really hard to get action shots with a camera phone). Hopefully, I will remember sometime this season to bring my REAL camera.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Brooklyn is 9 Months Old

Brooklyn Avery Tenney
Our baby is now nine months old. It has gone by SO FAST!! Brookyn is trying to do everything early. We would like her to stay little forever but, love that she is growing and thriving.
I did my own little photo shoot for her nine month pictures. Warning: Picture OVERLOAD!! I tried lots of things and had lots of fun. Abbie helped me and loved getting Brooklyn to smile! (Abbie sure loves her sister!)  
Brooklyn has many faces and is usually smiling! She is happy girl that LOVES to explore. She is crawling so fast and you really have to watch where she is at and where she is going.  
We found this adorable hat at Swiss Days. So cute!! 
Love those blue eyes (although they look like they may change hazel like mommies). 

She has really long eyelashes. 
She is in the 75% for height and the 50% for weight. She weighs 18 lb. 3 oz at her 9 month doctor check and is 27 1/2 inches tall.  
She is the sweetest little girl! We just love on her a lot! 

Her hair is so fun to do. We've never had a baby with so much hair. Abbie was bald until she was almost two so it is a lot of fun having a girl with lots of hair! 

Sweet Baby Brooklyn! 

We (Abbie and Mom) tried lots of different ideas and Abbie loved everything we tried. She kept saying, "OOOOHHHH, she just looks so cute in everything we try!" Mom had a great time hanging out with Abbie and taking pictures of one of BOTH of our favorite little baby!! 

Brooklyn has been pulling herself up to standing since she was 6 1/2 months old. She is crawling so fast and can follow you almost as fast as you can walk down the hall. She is DEFINETELY mobile!!  
Trying to get her to stay still got a little tricky since everytime we put her by the highchair to stand for a picture, she would instantly start crawling away. Abbie thought it was SO funny! 
Your nicknames are: Brookie, Brookaleena, Baby B, and Brookie Brook. 

Brooklyn Avery Tenney
9 Months 
Abbie wanted a picture with her favorite sister!! Brooklyn gets multiple kisses every morning before Abbie leaves the car to go to school. It is SO cute!
We are so happy that you are a part of our family! We love you so much Baby B!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, it's with a lot of excitement and a bit of overwhelming emotion that we let everyone know that we have officially been accepted into the University of Kansas Nurse Anesthetist Program.
We will be moving to Kansas in May and Reed's classes start May 29th.  The program is a 36 month program. It is currently a master's program with high probability of changing to a doctorate program before Reed's class starts. This would be the first graduating class of the doctorate program.
We feel very blessed and have already seen many blessings. We know we have a lot left to do and figure out before we go and are overwhelmed at times but, are putting our faith in our Heavenly Father because he knows how we can accomplish these things.
So it is with a lot of emotion that we let our family and friends know our life changing decision to follow our educational goals. We are in awe that this is coming to fruition as it was many years ago when Reed came home from a clinical rotation as a Respiratory Therapist and told me "I found what I want to do, I want to be a Nurse I just need to go to nursing school." Since that day, Reed has changed from Respiratory Therapy to Nursing and followed by working in an ICU as a Critical care Nurse to get the experience Reed needed to be able to apply (2 year's ICU experience required to apply).  Now as a Med/Surg Director we can feel His guiding influence in our life as we have made decisions in our life. We applied once before and found out Reed's Anatomy/Physiology didn't transfer from his Respiratory Degree. So, Reed signed up for those two classes, finished them and we applied again. We feel a huge blessing in not getting in the first time we applied because the timing wouldn't have been right for us. This is when we were blessed with our son Jacob and his subsequent passing. It just wouldn't have been right for us at that time. We are so thankful the Lord knows all and knew the timing wouldn't have been right for us. We are excited about this new experience and pray that we can have the fortitude we need to take on this new challenge and blessing.'s to what's next!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Five Cousins Born In One Year

Brooklyn was the first of five cousin babies born this year.  All four of my sister's were pregnant at the same time (all five girls....that's all of us sisters).  I know...that doesn't happen very often that five sisters are pregnant at the same time and it will never happen again for us sister's.  So, when everyone was home for Christmas we took the opportunity to take pictures of all five babies.
The first two were born in April and the other three babies were born this fall. 
Pretty special for my parents to have five grandbabies in one year! 

It was sure fun keeping all the babies together. Brooklyn is mobile! 
So cute!! 
Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl = Perfection 
The youngest three babies born this fall. 
It is pretty special to have all my sister's pregnant with me at the same time. So special and unique! Cousin's are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends - Anonymous

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Kaden's Gingerbread House

Kaden is in Kindergarten this year and this is his gingerbread house that he made at school. He talked about that they were going to be making gingerbread houses for weeks before he ever made it. His class was really excited to make their gingerbread houses. 
Kaden's gingerbreadhouse had tons of candy decorating it. He was really excited about it turned out! He loves candy and it turned out SO colorful! 
Kaden was sad that he couldn't keep his gingerbread house forever so I told him we could take a picture of it and it can last forever in our memories.  I love how excited he was about his gingerbread house. He is loving Kindergarten! Great job Kaden, it is a beautiful and coloful gingerbread house!
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