Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Day

The last day of School before Winter Break ended up being a SNOW DAY!! The kids were excited and sad because they were going to have their parties that day! This was Brooklyns first time being in the snow this year!

Brooklyn all bundled up and ready to play

The slide was really fun for the kids all packed in snow.

Even Brooklyn was able to try the slide in the snow. The kids had a blast playing in the snow.

The slide is really fast with snow on it.

Abbie stayed out so long that we had to keep giving her new gloves that weren't wet. She went through three pairs of gloves before she finally came in from playing in the snow.

This was a very fun FIRST snow day!

Cassy Final

Isaac Turns 10

My how time flies! I can't believe Isaac is 10! He is such a joy to have in our family. He is a great big brother and such a big help around the house. He is becoming such a great young man!

Abbie and Kaden loved doing the bumping presents on the head.
Isaac loved opening his presents.

He got a BeyBlade Battle Dome from the family, a table tennis from Grandma and Grandpa Tenney, a new bey blade to play with in his dome, Kung Fu Panda movie, a vintage phone bank(this kid loves money) and money from Grandma and Grandpa Millett to go into his bank.

Isaac loved reading the cards from everyone and had to pick up the confetti out of Grandma Millett's card and make the confetti fly TWICE!

The only requirement for his cake was to be chocolate with rainbow chip frosting. So, after we had taken out all the candles and cut it, I finally remembered to take a picture. We did get a video of him blowing out his candles.
We went as a family and played miniature golf and laser tag for his birthday! He loves going to family fun centers and then we got pizza for his birthday dinner(I think he has requested pizza every year! That boy LOVES cheese pizza!)
Happy Birthday Isaac!

Cassy Final

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Getting a Christmas Tree in Kansas

We finally found a Christmas Tree farm that was going to be the closest thing to how it was in Utah. No, tree permit and walking in the snow to find the perfect tree but, this was pretty good!

We got our saw and were off to find the perfect tree!

Brooklyn loved this activity. It was warm enough that we mostly wore hoodies and jackets.

The kids played hide-n-seek in the trees.

We got all the way to the end where they were getting ready to plant more trees and hadn't found the perfect one. Apparently they only grow scotch pines here in Kansas and Mom wasn't thrilled about this type of tree. She was too used to her lodge pole pines. Luckily, they had shipped some different trees in and had them in the barn.

So, we walked back to the barn and picked out our tree!

The tree farmers were SO nice and the kids got coloring books and hot chocolate.

Brooklyn hardly stands still long enough to get her picture taken, let alone looking at the camera.

The hot chocolate was yummy!

The kids walked the balance beam as the farm hands tied the tree on top of the Tahoe.

We had a great time getting our Christmas Tree.
Cassy Final

Friday, December 28, 2012

Arboretum Luminary Lights

The Arboretum does a luminary walk each year. It gets bigger each year and I am sure there were a few THOUSAND people was pretty spectacular. 
There were so many people that you just kept in line as you walked through the entire Arboretum. It was quite the walk.

You could walk through the tunnels(which I am sure are gorgeous in Summer).

The kids got to play in gingerbread houses.

The biggest event, was standing in line to sit on Santa's lap. He asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas. Isaac, said he didn't know.(Now, that is a first)

I guess the other kids followed suit because Kaden didn't know either. So, Santa started asking him about a list of things he could want: a Nintendo, IPad, Ipod, Computer. So, Kaden settled on wanting a Computer. Great santa: Just what he is not getting. This santa must have come to a rich area....but, not everyone is getting that stuff for Christmas.

Abbie and Santa had a good little chat!

I didn't hear what she wanted for Christmas.

Brooklyn does this cute thing that if she closes her eyes, you don't exist. So, she puts her finger over her eye and aren't there. I guess it's better than a crying picture.

Santa helped hold her hand down and we finally got her to open her eyes. So cute!

There was a Caboose to look at with a train yard set up. The kids loved watching the trains on three different tracks.

Isaac, Kaden and Abbie with the Train Man.

Playing at the Gingerbread house.

So many light displays.

The pond was awesome to see because the lights reflected off the water.

Even the little tool sheds were decorated for the holidays. This was quite the event and the kids LOVED it. It was worth going to see!
We will probably make this a tradition!

Brooklyn Avery

Our little princess is such a funny little nut. She loves to smile, play peek-a-boo and she recently found Abbie's sunglasses. She thought she was quite the little star.

She is SO sweet! We just love her in our Family!

Thanks for making us smile!

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