Monday, May 18, 2009

Update Ladder

The ladder needed to be changed for Summer. I wanted something that could last clear through the summer. I decided to make it patriotic would be the best so it could stay up for a long time. I already had painted a huge wood flag and just moved the pictures above the piano to hang the flag. I didn't even have to move the nails. How lucky!! I hung the pictures that I moved over to hang above the chair in the corner. They look great there. I found the metal stars at Tai Pan this last weekend for $1.94 a peice and the blue votive candle holders from the dollar section in Target. The red geranium flowers were leftover from decorating my other house. So, it was really easy to change the ladder using things I already had made, already had, or purchased inexpensively. I love a great deal and this change was really fun and really easy.

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