Thursday, October 22, 2009

Abbie's Balloons

Okay Mom...I got my balloons I wanted!! You only wanted a few balloon's to take home from the baby shower!!! Do you think I have too many? You can never have too many balloons!!
At your aunt's baby shower we were in charge of the decorations. You helped me get the helium balloons filled at the store and helped me hang the flower balloons that we put on the walls. When the shower was over you wanted to take all the balloons home. You and your cousin each had a SMALL BUNCH of balloons!! I asked you what you were going to do with all the balloons and you simplly answered "well keep them of course!" That was a great idea except we couldn't fit the rest of the family in the car to drive back home so you had to leave most with your cousins or at grandma's! Well, they were fun while they lasted!! You can never have enough balloons!!
Cassy Final

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