Thursday, October 22, 2009

Isaac's first Duck Hunt

Isaac went Duck Hunting with Reed this year. He didn't have a gun or anything (he's too young) but tagged along for fun. He thought it was great!!. My dad and brother were out for UEA and the men went Huntin'. Isaac found that people were really careless because he was shocked people would litter gun casings. He had every pocket that he had just so full and couldn't even pick up all that he found. He couldn't believe that people were littering. Reed and my dad got a kick out of how adament he was about picking up every shell casing he found!! He was just happy to be there and had a great time with the men!! I can't believe how grown up you are Isaac!! Soon enough you'll be grown up and going hunting with Reed with your own liscence and I'll be sad that you are getting so old!! I'm really glad that you love the outdoors like we do because a lot of our family fun is spent in the outdoors!
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