Thursday, October 22, 2009

Preschool Fieldtrip to the Fire Station

The kids had a great time at the fire station. This month they are also going to black island farms to go on a hayride for pumpkins. I wasn't able to go to the fire station but, Reed was because I was at the church decorating for a meeting that night. I was sad that I couldn't go but, Reed said the kids had a great time except that one of the kids asked the fireman to ring the bell and then all the kids jumped a mile when it went was sooooo loud!! Reed said it was pretty funny to see that many kids jump at the same time. Kaden said it was really cool to get to be in the fire truck. Abbie liked the fireman when he got all dressed up in his gear...she said that he was a little scary with the mask on. I'm really glad that the kids had a great time at the fire station. They just love preschool!!
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