Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creative Bug!!

I definetely have the creative bug right now!!! I stayed up til' 1 am last night painting a small wall in the kitchen. It's now candy apple green. It's fun with all the white cabinets. I also re- tuffeted the ottoman. A few buttons had been plucked off by weelittle fingers. I used an extremely tough thread that is wax coated and everything so the little fingers won't be able to pluck buttons off. I like when these creative moods come...I get a lot of projects done. Too bad they don't come very often. Oh well, it's fun while they last. I'll post pictures when I finish with everything.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Garrett goes to the MTC

My brother Garrett is headed out on his mission. I really can't believe he's 19 already. Time really flies once you leave home. The kids love hanging out with him and will miss him being at Grandma and Grandpa's home. Only uncle Jordan is left at home. It will be really weird when my parents are empty nesters. Mom, I guess you'll have to learn to cook for two instead of ten. We were able to all meet together (from colorado, vernal, and northern Utah) and have lunch at the brick oven in provo. We love spending time together and so we took this opportunity to meet just before he went in the MTC. I can't believe my baby brother is already old enough to be going on a mission. He must be because we sent him to the MTC on last wednesday and they will be sending him to Tiajuana, Mexico after two months. We will miss seeing you Garrett but, love that you are worthy to serve a mission and spread the gospel. It made me think of you today when two missionaries knocked on my home door and were tracting in the area. I love you so much and can't wait to get keep in touch by letters to see how you are doing. Boy, you look good in a suit! Love Ya!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

a star is reborn

This star was all decorating in Christmas paper magnets that were really fun. My sister redecorated her star for Valentine's and it turned out really cute!! (Good job Jennie, you can check out her blog from mine!) I wanted to hang my star in our master bathroom and change it to match the decor. I found papers in red, black, cream, brown and a little bit of green. I like how it turned out. Jennie found the adhesive magnetic sheets and made the project a breeze. It was easy as cutting, pasting, then mod podging over to protect it. I know I haven't blogged for a few weeks but I have been trying to get some projects that have been hanging around for a while. So, I know that I am blogging all at once but I finally finished and took pictures of everything. It seems that it just kept piling up and I am now digging myself back out and trying to get current. I hope ya'll will forgive me for blogging so much at one time and then the "feast of famine" theme going on. I will try to be better. I can't wait for the weather to warm up even more and for spring to come. The kids are wanting to run and play but it's hard when it's so wet and muddy outside. I am just really excited this year for spring. Bring it on!!


I have been meaning to finish decorating the mantle for a few weeks now. As soon as I took down all the Christmas decorations, I have been wanting something I could keep up year round. That's why I was so exciting about the picture Reed gave me for Christmas. Reed really surprised me this year by getting me the picture of the Vernal temple for Christmas. This is something that I have been wanting....a nice picture of the Vernal temple for our home. So, I finally hung it this week. I's february but, it took a while to get all of Christmas down and then it was leaning against the wall on the mantle for a few weeks. I finished my welcome letters and so I decided I should finish decorating the mantle. I finished my valentine wood hearts at the same time and put them up for the upcoming holiday. I think the letters turned out really cute and I LOVE my temple picture. Thank you again Reed.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Old made New

Those of you that have moved know my dilemna. Things that worked at the old house...don't work at the new. At the old house I had a tuscan themed basement. The basement is not finished at the new house, so I decided to use the metal rodwork in Abbie's room. Her room is pink and brown so the brown color of the metal worked. She needed a place to display all her artwork and some favorite pictures. Abbie and I attatched bulldog clips with ribbon and toole. It turned out cute. I love doing little projects with Abbie while Isaac is at school. Kaden wasn't too interested in helping, I guess all the pink was too much. Hee Hee Also in the move this lamp was dropped and the lampshade was cracked and broken. I threw away the lampshade and bought a self-adhesive one and bought ribbon to look like a tutu. I think it turned out cute and is a light pink color. Kinda fun little project. Just a lot of wrapping ribbon around and around. I think it turned out cute!
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