Friday, February 6, 2009

Old made New

Those of you that have moved know my dilemna. Things that worked at the old house...don't work at the new. At the old house I had a tuscan themed basement. The basement is not finished at the new house, so I decided to use the metal rodwork in Abbie's room. Her room is pink and brown so the brown color of the metal worked. She needed a place to display all her artwork and some favorite pictures. Abbie and I attatched bulldog clips with ribbon and toole. It turned out cute. I love doing little projects with Abbie while Isaac is at school. Kaden wasn't too interested in helping, I guess all the pink was too much. Hee Hee Also in the move this lamp was dropped and the lampshade was cracked and broken. I threw away the lampshade and bought a self-adhesive one and bought ribbon to look like a tutu. I think it turned out cute and is a light pink color. Kinda fun little project. Just a lot of wrapping ribbon around and around. I think it turned out cute!

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