Friday, January 23, 2009

Heritage Doll

In Abbie's bedroom I hung a shelf made out of an antique window. It's really cool because you can see up through the shelf and yet it provides great space for those items that really are supposed to be played with day to day. We gave Abbie a doll for Christmas that is really special and won't be played with day to day. It's a heritage doll. The doll was made by my good friend and coworker, Jenny Fulwilley. She is amazing and made this one-of-a-kind doll just for me to give to Abbie. She tea stains everything and stuffs the fingers using hemostats. These dolls she makes in her free time. The jewelry is what makes it so unique. Abbie was named after my mother "Georgia" hence the name Abigail Georgia. The jewelry is from my mom when she was a little girl. Some of the peices she collected clear through high school. She collected jewelry with her initial "G" on it. So, she gave a couple peices to Abbie to put on her heritage doll. The earings are clip on's and it matches the necklace in the grouping on her lapel. The little locket I am going to put pictures of my mom and the other side of Abbie. I will take pictures this weekend when we are together and put them in. I will have to print really small pictures. The teddy bear is wearing costume jewelry that my mom let us play with when we were little. The little pearl and gold necklace is from her dad(Grandpa Willard that has passed away) that he gave to her from one of his trips when she was a little girl. I think it is so special that Abbie gets to have a peice of her heritage as a reminder in her room. Thanks Jenny for making the doll so special for me, you are a great friend. Thanks mom for helping me make a really precious doll that Abbie will remember you and why she was named after such an incredible mother!! Love you MOM! Cassy

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  1. How Cute and Beautiful at the same time! Awesome shelf! So what are we goign to do about scprapbooking?:) Talk to you soon.


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