Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Entryway Painted

BEFORE, MIDWAY DONE, and then the COMPLETED ENTRYWAY. I finally got some paint in my entryway. I wanted something fun and to add a little more color. I wanted it to look like a damask wallpaper. But, not wanting to spend so much on a the fun of putting it up...I went for a pain staking project with A LOT of measuring. To get it even I had to measure everything. I really like the gray-blue color. The Damask stencil I had to cut out myself because I couldn't find what I liked (surprise, surprise!)and them used four colors of paint to get the variation I wanted. It took about five hours to get it all stenciled then I washed with a blue, gray and then a white ivory wash over the top to soften. I like how it turned out. What do ya'll think? I think it definetely looks better in person than in these pictures.

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