Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dirty Trick!

Reed officially got the best of me. My family has a tradition of doing a puzzle for new year's. I wasn't going to be with them so we decided to do a puzzle. It ended up being my puzzle....real surprise that the kids weren't real helpful. Kaden was definetely a helper taking puzzle peices OFF the puzzle. But, it ended up being a project to say the least. I would spend twenty minutes here and there when dinner was cooking and so forth. I had to pick up peices here and there that had fallen off or had been spread around by my helpers. It ended up taking me days and days to finish. I finally get all the peices put together and I am missing two puzzle peices. I couldn't believe it...all these days of work and I couldn't finish it. I searched under everything...even wondered if the dog had eaten a peice or two. But, Reed finally gets home from work and I show him my masterpeice almost finished. He was acting really funny and then went over to his coat....and my mouth about dropped to the floor. He thought it would be really funny to take a peice of the puzzle to work with him so that he could be the one to put the final peice in. So it was a little struggle to see who would put in the last peice. He put it in and then realized that there was still another peice missing. He got thinking and he had played that trick on me when I started the puzzle. He found the last peice of the puzzle in his wallet!!! I couldn't believe that he would do that. He definetely played a dirty trick on me. The funniest part about it is that he played the trick kinda on himself because he had forgotten that he played the trick on me earlier that week. So, he thought he would get to put the last peice of the puzzle in..just to get my goat but he ended up letting me put the REAL last peice of the puzzle I had spent days on. It was supposed to be something fun to do together but, I don't think I am going to put another puzzle together until I am with my family again for new year's. They can crank out a puzzle (huge ones) in no time at all. Maybe next year.... Reed, you got me good with the puzzle peice but, I'll get you back sometime. If anyone has great ideas...send them my way.

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