Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NewYears Snowmobiling

Happy New Year!! We celebrated a little differently this year! We went snowmobiling at my aunt Patsy and Uncle Larry's Cabin. Thanks for the invite!! It was so much fun! Isaac had fun helping uncle Larry drive the snowmobile. He is learning Larry's Need for SPEED!! Both Isaac and Abbie were brave enough and wanted to ride behind the snowmobiles in sleds. Even after getting dumped out a few times they kept getting back in, which surprised me, because I thought they would just want to get on the snowmobiles and ride instead. We snowmobiled over to a really great sledding hill and the kids loved it. The best part is that you slide down this really long hill...then we would snowmobile after them, pick them up and bring them back to the top to go again. The kids thought that was great! We even brought a few tubes to go riding in. Isaac talked aunt Patsy into going with him. Such great memories. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay clear til' midnight when they have a bonfire because Reed had to work the night shift at the hospital. So, we only got to see Shannon, Chris and their group for a little while before we had to head. We need to plan to go all up together. After we got home..the kids had a nice warm bubble bath and fell asleep....trying to stay awake. It was hard staying awake, even for me, after such a fun filled day. Thanks again Patsy and Larry, for inviting us to go snowmobiling. We had such a great time and loved spending time with you at the cabin.

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