Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Did you know we HAD a new pet?

I know the operative word in that title is HAD but, let me tell the story first and you'll understand why I put that in the title.
Abbie and Kaden were playing with their stuffed animals in Abbie's room (Isaac is at school already). Abbie comes into the kitchen while I am doing dishes and asks me to come look at her new pet.
I think that this is one of the stuffed animals or that she has made a little zoo. "Cute" I think as she holds my hand as we walk down the hallway to her room. We enter and she excitedly says,"Look, my new pet!"
I look on her bed and see a grasshopper. Yep, a grasshopper!
I ask her where she got it.
She says that she picked it up yesterday in the yard and that it slept with her in her bed last night.
I know I can't keep this to myself and tell Reed to come see "Our new pet!!"
Reed was going to work later in the day so he was home for this funny event.
Abbie shows Reed the grass hopper that she has now picked up and has in her hand. Reed tells her it needs it's own home...not her bed and they pick out a canning jar to make it's home.
Reed tells her she needs to name her pet and she decides on "JellyBean"!!
Appropriate for a jumping pet. I still can't get over that she slept with her new pet...I can only imagine!!
So, Abbie and Kaden carry their pet everywhere with them during the morning. Then suddenly we hear frantic calls coming from the bedroom. Reed and I go to investigate and the pet is missing!!!We look around and find a half dead grasshopper.
The grasshopper...oops! Jellybean then lasts only twenty minutes more before we have a funeral. Abbie did the honors of putting jellybean down the toilet.
Well, I guess it was a fun new pet.....even if it only lasted a few hours. I guess we shouldn't get anymore grasshopper pets....we can keep turtles for years but, grasshoppers only hours. Abbie definetely takes after her dad in her love for animals!! Too cute!!
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Abbie's Balloons

Okay Mom...I got my balloons I wanted!! You only wanted a few balloon's to take home from the baby shower!!! Do you think I have too many? You can never have too many balloons!!
At your aunt's baby shower we were in charge of the decorations. You helped me get the helium balloons filled at the store and helped me hang the flower balloons that we put on the walls. When the shower was over you wanted to take all the balloons home. You and your cousin each had a SMALL BUNCH of balloons!! I asked you what you were going to do with all the balloons and you simplly answered "well keep them of course!" That was a great idea except we couldn't fit the rest of the family in the car to drive back home so you had to leave most with your cousins or at grandma's! Well, they were fun while they lasted!! You can never have enough balloons!!
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Isaac's first Duck Hunt

Isaac went Duck Hunting with Reed this year. He didn't have a gun or anything (he's too young) but tagged along for fun. He thought it was great!!. My dad and brother were out for UEA and the men went Huntin'. Isaac found that people were really careless because he was shocked people would litter gun casings. He had every pocket that he had just so full and couldn't even pick up all that he found. He couldn't believe that people were littering. Reed and my dad got a kick out of how adament he was about picking up every shell casing he found!! He was just happy to be there and had a great time with the men!! I can't believe how grown up you are Isaac!! Soon enough you'll be grown up and going hunting with Reed with your own liscence and I'll be sad that you are getting so old!! I'm really glad that you love the outdoors like we do because a lot of our family fun is spent in the outdoors!
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Preschool Fieldtrip to the Fire Station

The kids had a great time at the fire station. This month they are also going to black island farms to go on a hayride for pumpkins. I wasn't able to go to the fire station but, Reed was because I was at the church decorating for a meeting that night. I was sad that I couldn't go but, Reed said the kids had a great time except that one of the kids asked the fireman to ring the bell and then all the kids jumped a mile when it went off....it was sooooo loud!! Reed said it was pretty funny to see that many kids jump at the same time. Kaden said it was really cool to get to be in the fire truck. Abbie liked the fireman when he got all dressed up in his gear...she said that he was a little scary with the mask on. I'm really glad that the kids had a great time at the fire station. They just love preschool!!
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Island Farms

This UEA weekend my parents and youngest brother came to spend the weekend with us. We had alot of fun but, one of the most memorable was the Black Island Farms!! We rode on huge hay slides, did Cow trains, got lost in corn mazes and went on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch!! We had such a great time and I have a ton of pictures so I am just going to post a few of each thing we did!! In the courtyard of the black island farms, there are tons of slides and things to do. This is the biggest slide, which is a corrugated pipe set up a couple of story's high. In other words, I wasn't going on it!!! Abbie went with her dad and Isaac was brave enough to go by himself and as soon as he came off he was running back to do it again. My brother and brother-in-law did it also.
Kaden was the smart one and sat and watched wrapped up in a blanket.
The kids each had a turn to do the corn cannon. It is loaded with a corn cob and then the kids aimed at a tire target and shot the corn. They thought it was pretty funny!!
This was actually a really fun train ride. It was pulled by an ATV and there were a ton of "animal" cars behind. They went for a little ride through the corn.
This is us getting lost in the corn maze. We did make it out!! Phew...I knew you were worried since I am sitting here blogging.
That's Isaac in the bounce house..the others were scared to get in there with other kids but, not Isaac.
Our family and our pumpkins.
This is us on the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. We went after dinner...that's why it looks so dark but, it's really not as late as it looks.
This UEA weekend, we spent a night to remember at Black Island Farms out here in Syracuse and thoroughly enjoyed it!!
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