Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids Off Track

The kids were off track for three weeks and we made a list of things we wanted to do. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Millett's and spent a few days. We had a great time helping them with a few home projects! Grandma and I even got to can peaches together....let me tell's a lot more fun to can peaches with someone than alone...we got three times as much peaches done in a shorter amount of time than I could do by myself. They turned out GORGEOUS!!

Yummy!!! I did a half bushel by myself then took another half bushel to my mom's to do with her half bushel. I ended up with thirty-three quarts of cut peaches!! 
The last two items on the OFF-TRACK list was a slurpie run and lazer tag at the syracuse family fun center. We did slurpies with our neighborhood friends and on the last weekend of our off track we finally made it to the family fun center for lazer tag. 
Isaac LOVED IT!!! He chose the "spiller" suit. 
Abbie chose "Aurora".  Kaden was "Enforcer". While Reed was "Mammoth".
This is the only picture that I got in the laser tag maze because the black lights were so hard to photograph. We were the only ones there for lazer tag when we went so we got to do the lazer tag just as a family (Brooklyn and I just got to watch, inside the door) 
Reed (Mammoth) won followed by Isaac, then Kaden and Abbie was the last. Apparently Abbie thought she had to stay still when she got hit so the kids kept getting her. She was laughing about that when she found out that she should run after she got her lights hit. Too funny! 
The kids after their lazer tag game...they LOVED it!!  They talked about lazer tag for days! 
After we finished lazer tag we got a few dollars worth of tokens and let the kids play a few games. Everyone played the pirate shooting game (of course...the kids are all being pirates for Halloween). 
Abbie used her token to play this candy game. She actualy won a few peices!! Great job Abbie! 

We had a great time being off track! We did a TON as a family and enjoyed our time together! We had sleep overs with cousins, went to grandma and grandpa's and played with the cousins in Vernal, went on picnics, rented movies, stayed up late. We just enjoyed being together! We can't wait for our next break, which is the whole month after Christmas!! Talk about fun!!Cassy Final

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