Tuesday, October 25, 2011

UEA Weekend- Black Island Farm

The first activity we did over UEA was visiting Black Island Farm. It's becoming a family tradition, plus it is a ton of fun! We did the hay ride to the pumpkin patch first and picked out our pumpkins. Kaden got the biggest pumpkin in our family this year. Ashley and the kids, Grandma & Grandpa, Garrett and Jordan, Jennie, John and Kids and a few friends all went with us to Black Island Farm. It was a big, fun group! 
Our family on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. This is Brooklyn's first hay ride and first pumpkin. 
Then to the corn maze. I have NEVER seen corn stalks this tall...they were at least nine or ten feet. Just look at the picture with Reed there...he's 6'2'' and it's almost double his heighth. This made for a really fun corn maze! 
The group before we started....and we only lost grandpa, who went back to look for some that got lost and ended up getting lost himself. 
This is one of the many slides. This year I was finally able to do all the slides and yard activities because I wasn't pregnant this year!! Jordan, Ashley and I all went down a few times.....then Jordan had us go down head first swimming like a fish. He definetely got Ashley and I to do things we don't normally do!! It was a blast!! 
Corn Cannon's...if you hit the target then you got a ticket to pick out another pumpkin!! Kaden won ANOTHER pumpkin....and it is almost as big as the one he picked in the pumpkin patch! Lucky Kiddo!! 
Brooklyn enjoyed the night tucked safely in Reed's coat...where she stayed toasty and warm. 
Abbie, Kaden and Grandpa doing the corn cannons. Kaden was the only one that hit his target!! 
The pig races!!! Isaac was picked this year to cheer for one of the four pigs racing. He won a white pumpkin for his pigs effort! 
Kaden's pig won his race so he won an orange pumpkin!! It was Kaden's lucky night!

After spending all night (about eleven o'clock we finally headed back to our house) and we had hot chocolate and toast! Yummy and the perfect way to end an enjoyable evening! The kids also loved that they got to stay up late running around sliding on slides and doing hay bail mazes! They LOVED it!!
Cassy Final

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