Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The last of our UEA weekend

I gave my sister Jennie my camera to take pictures of Jordan while I was taking video on my new phone of Jordan skydiving and look what I found on my camera....pictures of her kids!!  

Even a pic of hew newest Harley. 
Jordan loved teasing the kids as they were pressed against the glass. They all adore Uncle Jordan. 

His hair is so long that it was coming up through his helmet. I tried to get a picture before he took his helmet but, he took it off before I could get a picture. 
Then we all went bowling at Fat Cats!! The kids are watching their names carefully so they don't miss a turn. Too cute!! 
Abbie was such a good little bowler. I think she beat my score the first round (she did have bumpers). 

Go Abbie!! 
She got a STRIKE!! 
Kaden was quite the little bowler! He did really good! 
Kaden even got a strike and a few spare's!! Great bowling! 
Isaac was an intense bowler!

Isaac did great bowling!! 

The men also went hunting not once but twice this weekend. They went duck hunting on friday and then saturday before we went bowling/Jordan skydiving they went pheasant hunting. They got three ducks and ten pheasants...which means a lot of jerky. It was yummy jerky!

The UEA weekend was super fun and busy! We stayed up late, enjoyed hanging out, and did lots of fun activities! All-in-all....a great weekend!!
Cassy Final

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