Monday, November 14, 2011

My Birthday and a Missioinary Farewell

Kaden at Reed's cousin's missionary farewell. It was on Sunday Oct. 30th which was also my birthday. The weeter's have always supported us and so we wanted to be there for Christopher's farewell.

It was one of those last beautiful days of fall. Warm enough for everyone to sit in the sunshine and enjoy each other's company. 
Christopher's mission picture. 
We all wanted pictures with grandma Durrant. She is as spunky as ever.
She asked Michelle's kids how old do you think she is?
Her answer was her flashing her fingers in increments of ten. Counting up
Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty (the kids eyes are getting bigger and bigger) Sixty, Seventy, Eighty....
It was sure cute!! 
We took a picture with Grandma Durrant with our new addition, Brooklyn. 
Then we came home and the kids were determined to make me a cake. So, Reed helped the kids make me a cake. Luckily I had a white cake mix and a chocolate fudge icing container.....otherwise, it might have been pretty interesting.
I love their halloweeny and birthday festive! Thank you Kids! Your thoughtfulness is always appreciated and loved!
It was a fun birthday. I enjoyed visiting with family and getting to see everyone we don't see often enough. It was a very happy birthday.
Cassy Final

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