Monday, November 7, 2011

Bathin' Beauty Brooklyn

This is Brooklyn's first bath since she can now sit up on her own. We had just cleaned the sink and it was the perfect opportunity to let her take a bath. She loved it! 
Such a cute bathing beauty! 
She just loved being able to sit and splash in the water. 
She loves to, look at those cute cheeks! SO CUTE!! I lvoe to kiss them! 

You can see how much Abbie just loves her little sister. She was perched on the counter right by Brooklyn the whole bath. 
Abbie sat next to Brooklyn the whole time. She LOVES her sister. 

She is at the stage where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth...apparently even the kitchen sink. LOL 

After her hair was washed...we gave her a mohawk. So cute! Brooklyn, your hair is getting so long. 

Brooklyn loved her bath and loved gettin in her jammies!
All done with her bath. While playing with her hair Abbie and I decided that her hair is long enough it could have foam rollers in it. 
We were able to get four foam rollers in her hair. 
Only two stayed in long enough, so she had a few curls the next day.

Brooklyn, you loved your bath so much. You splashed and cooed all the while.
 We love you....our cute little bathin' beauty!
Cassy Final

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