Sunday, September 2, 2012

Swimming in Vernal

While we were in Vernal, my sister invited us to the hotel pool. She works at the Dinosaur Inn during the summer so we all went swimming. I thought we would be there probably just over an hour because it's really not a very big pool but, we ended up staying for almost three hours. The kids had a BLAST! 
Brooklyn at the pool. She loves jumping in from the side. She loved getting out, going and putting her arm out of the fence (the maintenance guys had watered the flower pots and they were dripping out of the bottom that hung out of the fence). So she would put her hand in the dripping water then come and jump back in the pool. She was fearless! 
Isaac Abbie and Kaden are now swimming without lifejackets. They've had swim lessons and they were showing me their skills. They love jumping all in together. 
This is their new favorite picture and it is now on their playroom wall. They love it! It was so much fun swimming with all the cousins in Vernal!
Cassy Final

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