Sunday, September 2, 2012

Visiting the Dairy Farm

After the wedding, we drove back to the Dairy Farm and stayed overnight. First stop on the farm is the milking barn. We 4-wheeled down to the barn to see the cows be milked. 
This dairy farm milks 350 cows. Every morning and night the cows get milked. Uncle Mark gave us the tour of the milking barn and explained to the kids how it all worked, where the milk goes, where it's stored and what it can be made into...cheese. The kids were fascinated! 
No time for pictures mom, we are learning. 
We saw the last of the cows being milked...I guess we'd have to get up earlier if we wanted to see all 300 plus cows be milked. LOL 
Brooklyn watching all the action at the milking barn. 
Kaden, Uncle Justin, Silas, Zaralyn, Uncle Mark, Isaac, Brylee and the Milker...listening to Uncle Mark talk about the Dairy. 
Looking at the Milk Storage Tanks 
Then, the kids learned how to bottle feed the calves. This is one of the best parts about the Dairy Farm...feeding the calves! 
Isaac feeding his calf 

Kaden feeding his calf with Katie's help. 
Abbie feeding her calf 
Brooklyn helping Abbie feed her calf. 
Then, we went to see the calves that are a little bit older and don't need to be bottle fed. Brooklyn fed them hay and thought it was so fun feeding the calves hay. 

Brooklyn kept feeding the calves hay..she tried to feed them from her hand. Brave little girl! 

The girls feeding the calves. 
Kaden got to feed the little ones some water, he thought it was great fun! 
The  we toured the rest of the Diary farm on 4-wheelers. The kids sure love riding 4-wheelers. 
Abbie rode with Uncle Justin
Kaden rode on the 4-wheeler with Katie and Rupert the dog. 
and this was our's tradition.....whenever you leave the farm they wave until you are out of sight! We love you Hegerhorst family and thank you for letting us come visit the farm and let the kids experience some of my favorite memories of being on the Farm. Love you all! Hopefully we can come visit again soon!

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