Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back from Hawaii

We just made it back from Hawaii and had a wonderful time. The whole family went and loved it. I think we came back with three fishes instead of children. They loved to swim. We were able to go swimming, go to the Dole plantation, swim with sea turtles, see the aquarium, eat at Hard Rock, Honolulu, and do a session at the Laie, Hawaii temple. It was such a whirlwind vacation that I can't believe that we are back already. Eight days in Hawaii just doesn't seem like it was long enough. I guess it's never fun to have to come back to reality. Oh well, I guess it had to happen sometime. It was sure fun and we are taking home alot of memories that hopefully the kids will remember. If not, there are a ton of pictures to prove that they were there.

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