Sunday, August 10, 2008


On sunday we went to see the Laie Temple. The grounds are spectacular. Then afterward we went to the beach nearby to see what that side of the island looked like. The waves were really neat and the kids loved running on the beach. We also got to write "Hawaii '08" in the sand on this beach and took pictures of our toes in the sand. It was really fun to see the kids so excited to see the ocean. We had seen it by the Beach house but it wasn't as sandy as this beach.The kids really loved to run up and down the beach. They thought the waves were chasing them as they ran. It was really fun to see them enjoying the ocean so much. The next collage of pictures is some taken by the beach house. The house was one of the best things about the trip. Being so close to the ocean for the entire trip made it up close and personal to seeing what it would be like to live on an island. The volcano rocks are so black and stand out so solidly from the ocean. We collected some sea shells and watched the sunset. It was quite the view from our back yard. One of the first sea life we saw were turtles!! The kids were thrilled to see them up close. We got to take a lot of pictures because the green sea turtles came right up on the beach to sun themselves. It was the first time we had seen turtles up close in the wild and not at the zoo. They are really big and are surreal to see in person. Hawaii was so much fun!! Waimea valley was so beautiful. There are literally flowers falling from the trees. I see why so many Hawaiians put flowers in their hair...they are so abundant! The flowers are really spectacular.

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