Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pictures of Hawaii

The Arizona memorial was a really neat thing to see. I had always seen it on tv or in pictures but it's actually quite a large memorial. It can fit a lot of people on it at a time. It was surreal seeing the oil still coming up from the Arizona. I am really glad we came and saw this. It is always good to remember where our freedom comes from and why we need to support those that protect it. Before we went into the aquarium we found a huge tree with swinging vines. Each of the kids took a turn and Reed had quite a few turns swinging from the branches. Such a fun little side adventure. Out of all the kids...Kaden enjoyed this the most. He was completely fascinated by the shark tank and the port hole. He just laughed, pointed, and kept admiring all the fish. Such wonder for someone so young. I guess we all were that way the first time we saw fish so bright and sharks so close. We were also able to go and see the Seals. Abbie and Isaac liked watching the trainer work with the seals. The polynesian culture center was an all day event and boy was it worth it. We learned all about all the different countries and how they are each different and unique. The boat show was my favorite along with the coconut tree climber. The show that night was truly spectacular and the kids laughed themselves silly watching the fire walkers. Isaac was busting a gut watching these guys try to put out their fires with their grass skirts. This is definetely something everyone should go see if they go to Oahu. We decided to go do the Dole Train ride instead of the maze. The kids thoroughly enjoyed riding a train...what kid wouldn't. I learned a ton about how Pineapple are grown and didn't know that it takes 20 months for the first pineaple to be ready from the plant. Then the next harvest isn't ready for another 15 months. I love pineapple and don't know if I could watch it grow in my yard for that long...I might sneak a taste. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter since it would die in the snow here in Utah. Hee Hee I took some fun pictures of the kids in the face holes of the pineapple Hula and Ukulele player while we waited for the train to come. Hawaii is still spectacular!!

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