Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Hawaii

One of the fun treats we had was at Matsumoto's...a shaved ice store. They have shaved ice with ice cream and other things that you could add in. The ice cream was certainly yummy. My favorite was the pina colada ice cream shaved ice. Certainly different from anything you get here. There were pictures of many famous people with the Matsumoto's. (Tom Hanks, Hurley from Lost, lots of surfers, and other famous people) It was such a fun little stop...we stopped a few times. Yummy!! One morning...due to the time change...our kids were up at 5 a.m. So, we decided to just go to the beach. We built sand castles, played in the waves, Reed snorkeled, and built more sand castles. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the early morning trip to the beach. It was really fun being just our little family playing on the beach while early morning surfers came out to catch a few waves. We went swimming and got to take some fun photos. This beach had beautiful clear water with great snorkeling spots. Fun for all!! Hanauma Bay was fun playing on the beach...but didn't get to see very many fish due to the muddy water. You had to swim out a ways to get to clearer water and the tide was really strong. It was fun to see the fish and the Coral but my favorite part was watching Jordan get washed up on the beach like a beached whale!! He was laughing so hard as the waves crashed him into shore and we were too!!! I could barely take the pictures because we were laughing so hard! On our last morning in Hawaii, Reed adventured down the beach and found a lot of sea turtles. He came back and we all went to see them. There was one that was in between a lot of rocks. The turtles looked like rocks and as you can tell in the almost can mistake them for rocks. It was really cool that you can get so close and take a few pictures with the turtles. That is something I will always remember. Too much fun in Hawaii!! Can't wait to go back. Aloha!!!

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  1. Cassy, I love your blog! I'm glad you finally made one so we can keep up with you guys better! Your trip looks like so much fun!


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