Sunday, April 26, 2009

B & W Cabinet

This cabinet is a 1950's original built-in with the original hardware. It was salvaged and restored with adding a back to the peice. It was repainted and then I upholstered the drawers with a velvet fabric. Nichole(my sister) was over for easter and I had purchased this fabric in SLC before picking them up at the airport. I was showing her the fabric and she said we should try it on the cabinet. We tried one drawer first...loved it!! Then I proceeded to upholster the other thirteen drawers. We didn't finish until 1 a.m. It was fun hanging out and it was really fun to be spontaneous. Thanks for the push over the edge, Nichole. Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes on a project. I had bought modpodge it...then bought a stencil that would give me the same effect as this fabric...just a whole lot more work. I also had thought about doing a colored stain over the top of the stencil. Anyway I looked at it..just didn't feel right. I had sat and looked at it for over a week and was having a really hard time deciding. So, since I had just boughten this fabric (for something else), it just worked out and was meant to be on this cabinet. I thought the peice was good before I did anything but, I wanted it to be GREAT!! I think I accomplished that. I just love how the hardware compliments the peice perfectly with the fabric. So Awesome!!

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