Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Reunion

We just got back from a family reunion at Patsy and Larry's Cabin. We had a lot of fun and it was great to see everyone. We were able to ride 4-wheelers, play games, go frog hunting, target shooting, geo caching, and night rides. We stayed three days got really dirty by the time we went home, especially the kids. Something about dirt and rocks is really alluring. Oh well, they had a great time and that's all that matters. This is a picture of us on the 4-wheelers buzzing around. The kids loved riding the 4-wheelers. This is a staged picture because the kids had to wear helmets to ride. During the family meeting we took the small kids to go hunt for frogs. In Manor Lands, there is some really great ponds and the kids probably caught about twenty frogs. We only had to bring five home, YEAH!! Part of the activities was at the rifle range. Reed took his 22 that he learned to shoot with so that Isaac could shoot for the first time. He really liked it because with the ear protection on, it wasn't scary. Kaden got to shoot once but, I still think he's a little young. This is my team at the geo caching. We had to use the GPS unit to find Cache's that Patsy and Larry had put out and then it had clues to the next Cache. We had five different coordinants to find and we each took turns finding it. So fun! Uncle Mark, my dad, Becky, Reed, Me and the two youngest kids were in the HegerMill 10 Geocaching group. It was fun because I have never used a GPS unit before and it was fun to learn.
Isaac was able to ride Dallin's little motorcycle. It had training wheels on it. At first, he was really slow and hesitant on it but, after a few minutes I had to remind him to slow down. He had a blast and I'm sure it will be on a certain boy's Christmas list. Yeah! :(
Thanks Patsy and Larry for putting on a great reunion.Cassy Final


  1. Just because I don't want to freak you out, I wanted to make myself known. I am a friend of the Ethington's (Matt and Avree). She showed me your projects on your blog and I've been looking because I am refinishing a hutch. I've been hoping for some inspiration/information so I'm THE ONE from Maryland that is showing up on your traffic feed on your site(s). Just thought I'd let you know that I am normal and that I know your friends :).

  2. Soooooooooo glad you and the kids had fun.


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