Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy 24th of July!! Pioneer Day Celebration!!

The 24th of July was actually pretty fun even though the hubbies were gone to the Uintah's. They are gone for a few days back packing/horse riding 9 miles into a secluded lake. Fun, but just not for the kids. Mandy and I decided to make the most of it and got together for the holiday. The kids love being together and it was lots of fun. We swam in the back yard through the sprinklers and in the little pool we have. It was a hot day and the kids had popcycles then we got ready to go to my sisters for a barbecue. Mandy and Brody
Abbie and Kaidra (Good little buddies)
Kaden and all the kids were making funny faces when I was taking their pictures. They thought they were super funny and they did pull some great faces!
The kids eating their popcycles!! Nothing better on a hot day....swimming and popcycles! We had a barbecue at the Pace's and then we got to do sparklers and then watch the fireworks. The kids really loved doing fireworks. Kaidra was a little scared and only did one but, hey you have to start somewhere. Isaac, Abbie and Kaden did a ton of sparklers. They were writing their names and making shapes and then putting one in each hand and doing circles. Oh, to be a kid again!!
Happy 24th of July!! It was a great pioneer day celebration!!Cassy Final

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