Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pop's Concert

This year's Weber State Pop's Concert and fireworks were great!!
Every year Weber state puts on a really great concert of 1812 overture and 17 cannons. The fireworks are put to the orchestra's music. They do a really great job!! We've been before but, it has been a few years since we've been. I am glad that we went and maybe we can make it a tradition. We went early and had a great time. We took popcycles and GO FISH cards. The kids also had an airplane ride on dad's feet as he laid on the blanket. As you can see it was one of their favorite things to do while waiting for the fireworks. It did rain just alittle bit but, luckily it was only a sprinkle and only lasted a few minutes. We just huddled underneath the blanket for a little bit and then it was over and the kids played go fish. The fireworks were really good and the kids enjoyed watching them.
Cassy Final

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