Sunday, July 5, 2009

Heritage Days

Heritage Days in Syracuse was a lot of fun this year! We went to the parade that morning and got way too much candy. We were right at the front so, people were VERY generous with their candy, ect. Kaden wouldn't smile for any of my pictures but, Reed was a good sport and smiled for me anyways. Love you!
Mom, I thought you would like this had a car that was spray a teenager would do to a beater car and had the sign, "future missionaries" on it filled with high schoolers in white whirts and ties. Following right behind that on their bikes were the area missionaries. I thought it was cute!! The missionaries passed out "pass along" cards and Abbie was so excited because she got a picture of the temple. "Look Mom...I got the TEMPLE!!" I think that was her favorite part of the parade..with the candy.
This is how much candy we had LEFT OVER after the kids had eaten some. I had the kids take little quart baggies thinking it would be enough space to let the kids have a few peices but, they kept filling it and then asking dad to put it in his pockets so they could put more in their bags. It was pretty funny! The old Model-T we saw at the car show belonged to our old neighbor in Washington Terrace. We hoped to get to see him but, just had to leave him a note saying Hi! He would always let the kids look at his Model-T and ride in his Ford pedal pushing airplane car. I have some fun pictures of the kids riding in that pedal pushing plane. Then we headed over to the Syracuse 6 Theatre because the Transformer cars were supposed to be there. The kids found bumblebee and were excited to get a picture with it. So fun to see!
Later in the day we went to a friend's barbecue and had yummy homemade corn dog's. I better get that recipe! Then headed over to the Jensen Park to watch the syracuse fireworks. The Denney's showed us a really neat place to watch the fireworks where it seemed like they were right over you! The kids loved it! It's one of the things I loved about summer was watching the fireworks after a great barbecue.Cassy Final

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