Monday, April 27, 2009

Three New Projects

I finished all three project!. I rehung my black and white portrait wall. When I put the new tv antique cabinet, it covered up the old arrangement of pictures. I hadn't taken pictures of it yet because I hung the pictures around the cabinet and the rocking chair. It looked there was holes or spots where furniture was supposed to be and I didn't want to take pictures of the new arrangement until I had finished the antique cabinet and re-upholstered and refinished the rocking chair. So, I haven't blogged about any of the projects until I finished them all. Here they are all done!! I am tickled pink about how they look together! I love it!! The next three entries are about each individual project.

Rocking Chair

This is the reason I haven't blogged lately. I have been waiting to finish this really fun rocking chair. I had to have Reed help me sand this one. It was so old yet really well made. It was such a solid chair I knew it would be great when it was done. Anything that is really well made is worth re-upholstering and refinishing. It took A LOT of sandpaper. I almost should have stripped it but, didn't realize that until I was about half way done. By that point, I decided to have Reed help me because I was getting tired of sanding. Once it was sanded I used a Mahogany PolyShade Stain. This has the polyurethane and the stain together. You do thin coats and then use special steel wool between layers. I had to do 5 layers until I was happy with the color. I wanted it to be dark and beautiful. So, it took a lot of layers. Roughly 1 1/2 to 2 weeks because you had to let each layer dry. Reed was gracious enough to give up his parking space in the garage for a week. Thanks honey!! It was definetely worth it! I also had in mind a soft chenile fabric for the back of the rocking chair. I scoured probably all of northern Utah. I even looked in specialty shops for a large pillow I could take apart(The peice of fabric I needed for the chair was only 20 inches square)to be the soft black and white fabric. I finally found the perfect fabric at a The design Fabric Store in SLC. I brought home 10 samples because I couldn't decide. Reed was great at weeding out the fabrics I wouldn't be happy with. He has such a way to get me to think about how it will look in the long run and if I will be happy with it. I have now realized that if I am not totally happy with it, I probably never will be. That's what Reed has gotten me to realize! He kept asking me..."Do you love it!" If I stalled...he through that one out as an option. It really is hard when there are so many choices that are close. Thanks Reed for your help. I used upholstery tack to attatch the fabric and then decorative nail heads around the edge with trim. This is how it was originally put together so I just bought new trim fabric filling. Yep, I tore the chair apart and found STRAW for the batting. I couldn't believe it...I haven't re-upholstered anything that was so old that it had straw for the filling. I called my dad to tell him about it and he said that he once had one filled with horse hair, it was so old. That would be pretty crazy. I am in love with this chair. It took so long to do and took forever to find the right fabric. I love the grey cut chenile for the seat and the black and white for the top. I love the mixing of fabrics! I love how sturdy the chair is and how the fabric is so soft. The chair really is very comfortable!! I know I haven't blogged for a while and now you know why! I have been making a rocking chair!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

B & W Cabinet

This cabinet is a 1950's original built-in with the original hardware. It was salvaged and restored with adding a back to the peice. It was repainted and then I upholstered the drawers with a velvet fabric. Nichole(my sister) was over for easter and I had purchased this fabric in SLC before picking them up at the airport. I was showing her the fabric and she said we should try it on the cabinet. We tried one drawer first...loved it!! Then I proceeded to upholster the other thirteen drawers. We didn't finish until 1 a.m. It was fun hanging out and it was really fun to be spontaneous. Thanks for the push over the edge, Nichole. Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes on a project. I had bought modpodge it...then bought a stencil that would give me the same effect as this fabric...just a whole lot more work. I also had thought about doing a colored stain over the top of the stencil. Anyway I looked at it..just didn't feel right. I had sat and looked at it for over a week and was having a really hard time deciding. So, since I had just boughten this fabric (for something else), it just worked out and was meant to be on this cabinet. I thought the peice was good before I did anything but, I wanted it to be GREAT!! I think I accomplished that. I just love how the hardware compliments the peice perfectly with the fabric. So Awesome!!

Black and White Picture Wall

I have been wanting to post the new picture arrangement but, without the cabinet done and the rocking looked like there was odd spaces left on the wall for furniture that wasn't there. So I decided to finish the rocking chair, then take pictures of the wall. I love the new arrangements of pictures. I had a small stack of pictures I hadn't put up with the old arrangement so, I was happy that they found their way back to the wall. I don't know about you but it is hard to choose which picture you will not put up. HARD!! I find myself counting pictures of each kid to make sure it's fair! I know, crazy, MUST be a mom thing. Well, it definetely looks better with the new cabinet in there because the other one hid some of the pictures on the wall. The new tv cabinet is taller. I love how it turned out...different than originally planned but, that's usually the best way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Abbie's 4

I just can't believe our baby girl is already four years old. Time has just flown by and she is growing up in front of our eyes. We celebrated her birthday on the 15th, yep a tax day baby. It wasn't supposed to be that way but, she decided the 15th was the day to be born. Abigail, you are such a sweet, fun, and spunky little girl. You have such a big heart and just adore your brothers. Abbie wanted a green cake (green is her new favorite color, probably because it's Isaac favorite color too) so, it's a froggy cake with dragonflies. I guess I should have thought about her picking out the rainbow chip icing because it almost looks like the frog had warts. It still turned out pretty cute, oh well. The cake matched your little froggy backpack. It had all the papers, pens, coloring crayons that you could need to go in it. I hope that it lasts at least a month with all the coloring you do. LOL I am so glad that I get to be your mom because you make me so proud with all the little choices you are making and becoming such a neat "Little Lady"!!! Love ya! I can't wait to enjoy another year with you and then get to have another fun birthday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love Easter!! I love the reason for the season and having kids just makes it better. The easter bunny came to our house and the kids got lots of candy, Easter clothes for church, and some gardening tools. We plan on planting a good size garden and we want the kids to learn how to garden. They got shovels, hoe's, spade's and seeds to plant with. Isaac planted his carrot seeds...without me knowing...and we'll see if they make it. With all the rain we've had...just maybe. The kids looked so cute in their new easter clothes. I love suits on little men. So handsome! Abbie looked really pretty in her dress too. I had to dye her cardigan to match the boy's tie's. It's sometimes hard to find boys and girls matching clothes. Well, every year I seem to figure something out. You kids looked sharp! Love you all! I am also grateful for this season to be able to remember the true reason for Easter.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year at my work they do an Easter Egg hunt. We go every year with the kids. This year our friends Khaidra and Brody came. We also were able to have my neices, Zaralyn and Brylee come and go to the the Easter egg hunt with us. The kids had a great time. Kids love finding eggs and also getting candy. Be real...what kids doesn't love candy! We also got pictures with the Easter bunny even though the small kids didn't want to have their picture taken...why? is the easter bunny always so scary? Anyway, the kids had a great time then we came home and colored eggs.

Antique Desk

I found this cute desk for $6!! I know how much Isaac LOVES to color and do his homework. I thought this would be a great place for him to do these things. He loved it soo much that he moved into the garage....before I had even sanded off the orange paint. I promised I'd finish it soon so I put it to the top of my list. So, that's why I haven't been blogging...I've been redoing furniture. I sanded all the paint off, then stained it a mahongany color and repainted the base black. It was already black but needed a little paint. Isaac has moved the desk into his room and has put all his papers and pencils in the inside. I'm glad that I can do something that Isaac loves so much!
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