Friday, January 22, 2010


I should probably update with all the things we've been doing lately. I feel like I've been busy but, with nothing fun to share. We are trying to make arrangments for after so that when the time comes, we can really enjoy the moment we get to hold him. I've decided that at 29 it is really weird to be looking at Cemetery plots. I don't know why this is weird for me but, it's probably because if you would have asked me years ago...I wouldn't have preplanned until later in life. I am really glad that we've had great people to work with and get some things squared away because I know what it's like post baby...and I don't want to make big decisions being....well let's just say a little hormonal. So, we are trying to make calm decisions now and get some things done so that when we get to meet him...that's all we're thinking about. I am also working on a few small projects that help bring a little happiness around so, I will post those when I finish. Cassy Final

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  1. I think it is crazy that you are planning this as well, but I think you are so smart and brave to get everything done. I love you a whole bunch, and I will come visit soon. Everything is going to fall into place, I just know it. Smile, cause I love you!


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