Saturday, January 16, 2010

Simple Joys

Yesterday, I wanted to do something that would give simple joy. Abbie and Kaden were my great helpers and put most of the ingredients into the mixing bowl. We made yummy homemade bread. I was excited because I had been given my grandma willard's bread pans. Everyone already had other pans therefore they fell to me. Yeah!! I know some people wouldn't be excited about old metal bread pans but, I sure was. That is something I always remember about my grandma's house is the warm yummy homemade bread. I think it even tasted better because grandma had made it! So, the kids and I made some bread. The dough was raised enough that we made homemade scones for lunch. Yum!! It's funny how something as simple as a fun memory of your grandma can bring such simple joy.
This is a picture taken when Abbie was a baby. We were visiting for memorial day (an annual event of putting out flowers on graves then a lunch under the carport afterwards) and took this generational picture. I am sad my grandma has passed because I really loved visiting her and my grandfather. They made you feel like you were their favorite and talking to other siblings and cousins....they all say the same thing. Now that's a good grandparent that makes every grandchild feel like they are THEIR special grandchild. Love you Grandma and I will cherish those old metal bread pans because it reminds me of you and the simple joys in life...and sometimes we need reminding.
Cassy Final


  1. Hey, I was grandma's favorite! :) I miss grandma too, and I love those moments that remind me of her. She was the best! Glad you had a good day. Love you!

  2. Thanks for the memory Cassie. I love you.


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